Double Edge Rentals has high-quality Earthmoving Equipment for all your earthmoving projects. We also have a full range of attachments available.

Earthmoving Equipment

Skid Steer:


Multi Terrain Loader:



36″ BucketSmooth | Tooth$30$90$270
68″ BucketSmooth | Tooth$30$90$270
80″ BucketSmooth | Tooth$30$90$270
88″ Snow Bucket $65$250$600
74″ Grapple Bucket $145$580$1450
Pipe Grapple $100$400$1000
Pallet ForkStandard$50$150$300
Pallet ForkMT55 & S70$35$115$250
10′ Snow Box Push $150$450$900
Hydraulic Breaker $290$1160$3340
Landscape Rake $255$1020$3000
Brush MowerUp to 3″ Brush$290$1160$3340
Auger DriveMed Speed | Med Torque$105$420$1260
Auger DriveLow Speed | Low Torque$95$380$1140
Auger Bit6″$55$165$330
Auger Bit9″$55$165$330
Auger Bit12″$55$165$330
Auger Bit15″$55$165$330
Auger Bit18″$65$185$360
Auger Bit24″$75$250$500
Rock Bit6″$90$330$700
Rock Bit9″$100$400$800
Rock Bit18″$175$475$985
Angle Broom $200$800$2400
Box Broom $200$800$2400
Sander | Seeder $100$350$700
Tree Spade36″$290$1160$3340
Trencher48″ Carbide$265$1060$3180
Trencher36″ MT55 & S70$165$685$1800
Stump GrinderMT55 Only$165$685$1800
Vibratory PlowMT55 & S70 Only$200$800$2200

Mini Excavators:

E3524HP 10’2″ Dig Depth$415$1660$4980

Excavator Attachments:

Tooth Bucket12″$30$90$270
Tooth Bucket16″$30$90$270
Tooth Bucket24″$30$90$270
Smooth Bucket36″$30$90$270
Ripper Tooth $50$150$350

* All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice *

Multi-Terrain Loader vs Skid Steer?

Not sure if you need to rent a loader or a skid steer? One of the biggest factors in choosing the right equipment is quality of the ground at your work site. Skid steers are faster and more efficient on hard terrain where as Double Edge Rentals’ multi-terrain loaders are better suited for soft, undeveloped areas. If you’re working around existing landscaping, a multi-terrain loader is likely your best choice. The treads will evenly distribute the weight of the machine which will help protect your beautiful landscaping.


Skid Steer Bobcat S650/S590/S70

Double Edge Rentals has several skid steer bobcats in Lloydminster available for rental. The Bobcat S650 has a tipping load of 2564kg, an operating weight of 3777kg and a max speed of 19.8km/h. If you’d like something a little smaller, the Bobcat S590 has a tipping load of 1995kg, and operating weight of 3054kg and a max speed of 17.3km/h. But if this is still more capacity than you need, you can save some money by renting the Bobcat S70 skid steer. The S70 has a tipping load of 686kg, an operating load of 1268kg and a max travel speed of 9.8km/h.


Multi-Terrain Loader Bobcat T650/T320/MT55

If you’re tight for space or working with a tight budget, the Bobcat MT55 walk-behind loader available for rent from Double Edge Rentals is what you need! With a tipping load of 732 kg, a max speed of 5.6km/h and an operating weight of 1186kg plus a track width of only 903mm, you’ll be amazed what you can do with it! But if you need more power, the 55kW T650 Bobcat has a tipping load of 1271kg, a max speed of 10.6km/h and an operating weight 4585kg. This is sure to meet your equipment rental needs. Finally, Double Edge Rentals’ T320 unit features a tipping load of 9208lbs, a max speed of 6.6mph and has an operating weight of 9208lbs.



Double Edge Rentals, one of Lloydminster’s top equipment rental companies, has a wide variety of bobcat attachments available. The grapple bucket is useful for grabbing and hauling rocks and other large items while the smooth and toothed buckets are intended for moving dirt or sand or any other sort of debris. Our expert team at Double Edge Rentals is here to help you figure out what attachments you need for your construction project. Give us a call today.



Although skid steers and multi-terrain loaders can be used in so many applications, they do have their limitations. Digging a trench, for example, would be much easier with a rental excavator instead of a traditional bobcat. Double Edge has an E35 mini-excavator available for rent and an assortment of attachments to meet all your excavating needs.